Where Las Vegas Locals Like To Go To Hear Music

Over the decades, Las Vegas has been among the top tourist destinations in the world. Also known as the Sin City, Vegas is popular for keeping people entertained while providing a great variety of food delicacies, alcohol, games and shows. As much as there are numerous classy entertainment hubs along the Las Vegas Strip, there are intimate venues where the locals go to catch music performances away from the tourist-infested areas, some of which are discussed below.

Sand Dollar Lounge

The Sand Dollar Lounge can be categorized among the oldest blues bars in the Sin City; this tops the list of the spots where Las Vegas locals like to go to hear the music. The bar hosts live blues bands, a weekly karaoke as well as Open Mic nights. This Lounge is located in the heart of Las Vegas’ Chinatown, where there are minimal chances of encountering tourists. The bar hosts live music during the weekends; Wednesdays are considered to be bike nights.

Bunkhouse Saloon

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The Bunkhouse Saloon boasts a cowboy theme that draws mixed crowds looking for live music and basic bar experience. This downtown hotspot provides an excellent opportunity for the locals to catch live musical performances from both established and emerging musicians. It also serves delicious bar food and features an outdoor patio that is ideal for relaxing and hanging out.

The Cellar Bar and Lounge

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This denotes an underground bar located just east of the Las Vegas strip; a beloved hub where locals get to enjoy cool blues and jazz music. The Cellar boasts of hosting performances from legendary musicians every night, all week long. On Saturday, the lounge also hosts video poker and open mic nights. Both the locals and tourists derive immense pleasure from the light flares and cocktails while listening to music from a wide variety of performers.

House of Blues

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From performances by Gospel Brunch to shows by Carlos Santana among other stars from different genres, the house of blues significantly constitutes Las Vegas mainstay. The main floor of this intimate spot is flanked by tables on each level and balcony seats that afford you an amazing view from the top. Besides, there’s always a bar nearby regardless the floor from which you choose to watch the shows.

The Sayers Club

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This is a gorgeous hotspot that overlooks the Vegas strip. Locals who visit this place get to enjoy cocktails and late-night feasts. In addition to the conventional DJs and blaring music, the Sayers club is also known to for its live performances that attract new and established bands as well as numerous music enthusiasts. The club also hosts the Sayers Sessions every week featuring some of the finest live music performances.

The Vinyl

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This spot is the newest, smallest entertainment venue located at Hard Rock Hotel, which has an old-school feel. The vinyl features a standing room made of Chicago common brick and scratched wooden floors. Both locals and tourists visit this place to catch shows from upcoming talents in the entire musical genres like blues, country music, rock, burlesque and even comedy.

Las Vegas is popularly perceived as the entertainment capital of the entire world. This fame has attracted loads of musicians coupled with an influx of bars where people go to enjoy live music performances. The city also features indigenous spots where locals like to frequent in a bid to catch relaxed music shows away from the overly crowded places.