Musical Gear Essentials: What kind of gear/equipment do you need if you’re a musician who performs at local bars?

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After a lot of effort spent building skills, writing music, and putting in the time to create a band that runs through a tight set of quality tunes just right time after time, now you have booked a show at a local club. Next question is: what kind of gear do you need if you’re a musician who performs at local bars?

A lot of the answer comes from questions like: How many in the group, or just you solo? What style and volume of music? Scan your studio or jam space where you’ve built your style and sound for first clues about selecting, transporting, and quickly setting up on stage all the gear you need when you’re a musician performing at local bars.

Basics include your guitar and gear along with it. Band members’ instruments and gear as well, from amps to power cords, picks and strings and stands and all. A list keeps each item in place and on track.

Group items that are helpful into categories and separate bins:

Tools: needle nose pliers, flat and plus drivers, Allen wrenches, fuses, flashlight and a headlamp for finding your way and getting set up on stage in dim light.

Power and cables: extra power strips, power extension cords, extra cords and cables for gear, 9V and AA batteries.

Music stuff: picks and strings, tuner, string cutter, extra microphone, maybe, or any other backup that makes sense and fits into your transport.

Miscellaneous: Notepad and pen, set list, throat lozenges, simple first-aid, earplugs, towel, cleaning cloths, gear cart or hand-truck, super glue, duct tape.

Performance aspects: Are you going to ride in on a unicycle? What about having circus animals or jugglers? 🙂

Be sure to bring along whatever you need. When you’re a musician who performs live at local bars, whatever you have when you get to the venue is all you have. Make it good.