Best Underground Music Venues in Las Vegas

With over 1700 licensed casinos operating both day and night, Las Vegas is the city where the party never stops. However, this does not mean that all nightclubs are good. If you love to party then you understand how important it is to be selective with your choice of club. Open places may sound fun but for people with a reputation to protect, they are not the best places for you. Are you looking for underground gems, hidden from the fluorescent lights of the strips in Las Vegas? Here are some of the hottest places.

1. After Las Vegas

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It brings you world class underground DJs to give you good dance music that will keep you on your feet all night. The club has private spaces, and the price of drinks is reasonable. There is no dress code in here, so you don’t have to stress on what to wear and if it is your lucky day, you will end up getting free shots.

2. The Griffin

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Located off the Fremont strip, this bar is best for locals. The Griffin is known for its serene atmosphere and friendly bartenders. The bar is dark-lit and beautiful inside. The club does not have a gambling machine which makes it a plus for those who hate gambling. They have prioritized the wellness of their customers by putting in place a very tight security.

3. Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

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Imagine a club that doesn’t limit you to partying only at night. At Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, anytime is a party time. Located at Cosmo hotel, this club may seem small, but it brings out prominent artists to perform. The venue has 3 levels and a beautiful outside pool for pool party lovers. Also, hip-hop fans are not left out as the DJs know how to mix both the old school and the new school songs. Furthermore, the bartenders are always on their feet to ensure you are not running out of drinks on your table.

4. Jewel Nightclub

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It is beautifully decorated on the inside to ensure that you are comfortable. The club has both VIP and regular dance floors, excellent sound system and decent lighting. Located in Aria Hotel, The Jewel is a popular venue for big names DJs. Generally the club is well organized to ensure that you can see performance on the stage from all points. On Fridays they bring about a special guest to keep their customers entertained.

5. Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

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Having someone to make you laugh while you are enjoying your drink is a good idea. The staff is one of a kind as they are determined to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, the club serves the best cocktails of all times. You are able to see performance from all angles hence there is no straining.

Your preference is what determines your choice of underground club. But if you are looking for a place to party you can visit any of the above clubs for an unforgettable experience.