The Object and Mission of Musicians Union, Local 369 AFM in Las Vegas, Nevada is to:

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 1.52.55 PM1. Unite into one labor organization—the instrumentalists, arrangers, orchestrators, copyists, music proofreaders, music librarians, vocalists, dancers, support crew, or other individuals who render musical services of any kind (“Musicians”) within the Local’s jurisdiction, regardless of race, religion, creed, color, national origin or gender;

2. Promote, encourage, and enforce good faith and fair dealing in all cases involving or of interest to members of the Local, and/or of the AFM;

3. Secure: improved wages, hours, working conditions, and other economic advantages through organization, negotiation, and collective bargaining, as well as through advancement of its members’ standing in the community and in the labor movement through lawful and economic means;

4. Safeguard, advance, and promote the principle of free collective bargaining, the rights of professional musicians, and the security and welfare of all the people by political, educational, and other community activity;

5. Engage in cultural, civic, legislative, political, fraternal, educational, charitable, social and community activities that further the interests of this organization and its membership directly, and/or indirectly;

6. Provide financial, moral, or other assistance to other labor organizations or other bodies having purposes and objectives in whole or in part similar or related to those of this organization;

7. Engage in activities, promotions, and campaigns to help the cause of live music locally as well as nationally;

8. Protect and preserve the Local as an institution to perform its legal and contractual obligations;

9. Carry out the objectives of the AFM as an affiliate thereof, and its duties as such an affiliate;

10. Receive, manage, invest, expend, or otherwise use the funds and property of the Local to carry out the duties of achieving the purposes set forth in its Bylaws and Policies, and those of the AFM, and for such additional purposes and objectives not inconsistent therewith as will further the interests of this organization and its members, directly or indirectly;

11. Encourage all members of the Local to register and exercise their right to vote, and to otherwise participate in political activities;

12. Provide for each member in good standing a death benefit of not less than $1,000 by insurance, a death benefit fund, or other means;

13. Participate individually and with other organizations in the pursuit and the attainment of the objectives set forth herein, provided that such participation is for the sole benefit of the Local and its members.


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